Parking and circulation are always a topic of high priority in this town. The completion of the Lower Pac Cove parking lot (Beach and Village parking lot #2), has brought tremendous relief from the massive amounts of tourists that visit our Beach every summer. I supported the funding and construction of this temporary parking lot. We will continue to look for a long term permanent solution to village parking. This will most likely occur when a large village anchor tenant such as a Hotel makes the commitment to locate in the Village.

While the Village is always at the top of the list, we continue to have challenges with congestion on 41st Avenue, the Mall, and Highway 1. I support Measure “D” which is on the ballot. This county wide tax measure, will not only solve the Regional issue, but send money to Capitola for Road and Infrastructure improvements for 30 years.


I continue to support and actively participate in numerous discussions and community workshops regarding a potential hotel on the old theater site. I’m an advocate of a new hotel at that location.

The revitalization and enhancement of the Village needs a strong anchor tenant. I believe an appropriately sized hotel will deliver style, character, and charm to the Village. This project will be the catalyst that draws the type of clientele that blends well with our community.

The success of this project is essential to the long term stability of the Village, and will provide a steady stream of revenue for the city.


The Rispin property has finally met with success. One ADA walkway has been redone and is compliant with all new standards. The other ramp is under construction and near completion.

Public hearings were held to create a master plan for the completion and opening of the Rispin Park to the public. Along with great public input, final plans were drawn and approved. The City Council this year allocated all the necessary funds for that redesign.

It is anticipated that following a successful bidding process, the park will be open approximately one year from now. The Rispin property has probably been the largest single ongoing project in the city. The important thing is that after many years, this remarkable asset will be available for us to all enjoy and experience.

MALL & 41st AVE.

capitola mallThe Capitola Mall, in the past, has been the largest source of revenue for the City of Capitola. Although those revenues have slipped in the past few years, with the recent sale of the Mall to new motivated owners, we are encouraged and optimistic about the Malls future.

It is hopeful that the new owners will bring vibrant plans for improvements that are consistent with our recently adopted General plan. A successful redesign of the mall could potentially return it to a great source of income, with vitality, and stability for a long time.

I am excited about participating in discussions with community members and the owners about how the mall can benefit the new owners, the city, and the community.