As a member of the Parking and Traffic Commission for the past two years, I have become intimately involved with the ongoing traffic and circulation issues in Capitola. While the Village is at the top of the list, we also have challenges with congestion at 41st Avenue, the Mall, and Highway 1.

The recent closing of the lower Pac Cove Mobile Home Park by the City affords us a great opportunity. I support the recommendation to construct a temporary parking lot on that site. I believe it will relieve congestion in the village and reduce the overflow of parked cars into the neighborhoods. The temporary parking lot will generate additional revenue, allow us to assess how additional parking will relieve Village congestion, and give us time to plan for a long term parking solution.


As a member of the GPAC, I have been actively participating in numerous discussions and community workshops regarding a potential hotel on the old theater site. I am an advocate of a new hotel at that location.

The revitalization and enhancement of the Village needs a strong anchor tenant. I believe an appropriately sized hotel will deliver style, character, and charm to the Village. This project will be the catalyst that draws the type of clientele that blends with our community.

The success of this project is essential to the long term stability of the Village, and will provide a steady stream of revenue for the city.


The Rispin property has probably been the largest single ongoing project in the city. The important thing is that after years of planning, debating, and disputing, the city now definitely owns the property. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been invested in improving the site, and with some additional funds for safety considerations it could soon be available for use by the citizens of Capitola. We must not lament over past decisions, and we cannot abandon this project. Although there are some uses that will never be allowed on the property, there are other uses that may be a welcomed addition. We should be optimistic about future options. A wedding facility, a museum, or a small concert venue may all be viable uses. The property is a wonderful open space and truly an asset.

MALL & 41st AVE.

The Capitola Mall is the largest source of revenue for the City of Capitola. With that in mind we should always be supportive to the Mall’s needs. During the ongoing GPAC meetings, discussions revolved around better utilization of parking lot space with possible retail expansion, relocation of the bus transfer station, and improved pedestrian circulation. The opening of the Target store will certainly be a boost, and other efforts to give the mall a face lift will continue to increase its appeal.


Extensive time, energy, and discussions have been involved in the effort to improve the appearance of the Esplanade. Immediate concerns should revolve around support for infrastructure improvements and maintenance of the public facilities. Cleanliness in the village has been addressed as one of the biggest concerns by residents.