Photo of Ed Bottorff on the Capitola Wharf in 2016

Capitola Residents:

I have served as your elected city council official for the past four years and am currently serving as your Mayor. When I ran for this office, I advised you that Capitola needed to continue to strive to become financially independent. We need to encourage business success throughout our entire town. This translates to a more prosperous community, with benefits for locals and tourists alike.

Along with my election four years ago, you the residents of Capitola approved measure “O.” This was a 1/4 cent sales tax that was dedicated to restoring our emergency reserves which were depleted by the broken pipe following the flood in 2011. It was also intended to fund $4,000,000 worth of road and infrastructure improvements within our town.

We now have $1,900,000 in our contingency reserve, and $1,250,000 in our emergency reserve.

We completed paving jobs on 38th Ave., Rosedale Ave., Alma Lane, Carl Lane, and Rosedale Ct. We have paving jobs beginning October 1st on Monterey Ave. (from Bay to Kennedy), Kennedy Drive (from Monterey to Park) and Park Ave. (from Kennedy to Cabrillo). These projects will complete the commitment made by the city council to spend the four million dollars that was collected. We have installed new sidewalks in the Esplanade from Zelda’s to Mr. Toots, all along Stockton Ave., including the recent newly designed Stockton Bridge sidewalk peninsula.

I will continue to be vigilant and vote to fund infrastructure projects that improve the overall quality of our town. I am committed to projects that support a sustainable future for generations to come and will enhance and protect the quaint charm of our seaside community.